Writing and Reviews

Norbert Lynton

“….Paul Butler is an artist, using the world’s reality and his professional artifice to create drama, poetry, beauty. It is, in the end, a balancing act that remains partly mysterious. Paint itself can be nice and nasty. Art lovers like impasto, thinking it a virtuoso and authentic event. But in itself it is not a guarantee of anything. It is the total pictorial presence I delight in, the sheer visual vitality, rough and tough and sometimes though never only that, delicate and pensive on other occasions, though these can deliver his least friendly subjects.

Again and again, the particular drama of a picture resides in his use of light, nature’s light and mankind’s. Also, among all the impetuous-looking marks he makes, we find strong bands of colour, such as the red roof-slab of a petrol station, that stabilize form and calm the rhetoric. The precise point of balance, between seizing on the real world and fashioning an image that will hold it, all shifts from picture to picture but it is always there: this is art.”